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Focus Media, Inc. develops, produces and markets unique and innovative Narrative Brand Strategies with its high quality creative talent, vast resources, and strong relationships to integrate and cross-promote corporate brands and foundations with entertainment properties.

We conceptualize, produce, and assemble the critical mass of talent, entities, and assets to maximize Narrative Brand Strategies, which today requires the seamless inclusion of product and story strategically developed, produced and delivered on multi-dimensional levels.

Focus Media, Inc. is passionate about who you are, what you are, and how you want to evolve.  We are one-stop-shop brain trust in Narrative Brand Strategies – conceptualizing, creating, and producing content that integrates the story of your brand with unique and innovative entertainment properties in all media.

With over 25 years of Hollywood-insider experience, we propel the vision with narrative sensibilities, while  identifying and executing unforeseen marketing opportunities to cross-pollinate the property across multiple platforms of media distribution to create brand equity and ROI for your product, service and/or experience.